Ave atque Vale (For Now)

Well now, this is a sort of farewell. Well that's not strictly true, it's a change of format - an au revoir more than an adieu.

You see, I can't keep writing new blog posts every day, I have too much to do, things that are of higher priority. I'm a student now so I should be studying and revising, not writing a list of what we all do when we have a cold.

Some people can write daily with ease in whatever circumstances they find themselves. Up a tree, on a bus, in a log cabin, a steamy-windowed cafĂ© or a tropical beach. Some don’t mind noise, distraction or a broken up day. I, unhappily, am not made of this material. I need to have nothing to do, a clear mind so that I can blog away to my heart's content. That is something that I won't have every day, I have real-life stuff to deal with. Blogging isn't my job, it is merely a hobby...a very time-consuming hobby.

I need to take some time of eremitical seclusion where I can do what I want and need to do. Firstly, I need to study hard over the Christmas period for several exams I have come the new year. I also want to start writing more. Writing, to me, is very different from blogging. I used to do more writing when I first started my blog; I would write long, essay-style pieces that had a meaning or were of some importance to me. I invested a lot more time and effort in these longer articles and I enjoyed writing them more, I would like to go back to doing more of these but they will be published more sporadically. I would also like to do more creative writing - write some short stories and some more poems. I have set myself the challenge of writing five good short stories to positive response and then I will begin writing a novel of some kind. Once I write fifty poems I will look towards publishing a poetry book. These are the things that I want to do - I want to be a writer, not a blogger.

I am unsure of how the next few weeks will pan out and how much actual work I will get done. This is the true beginning of my hiatus, so goodbye and thank you for indulging me.

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