PSA: Read More Books

Other people’s bookshelves fascinate me, it's like a window into their mind. It tells you what they like, what their interests are, what they like to do in their spare time. My book collection has swelled to a point where I no longer have physical space for any more. I am an irresponsible enabler when it comes to my own spending habits. I have books on many many different subjects, mostly all non-fiction, from art to politics to poetry to science. The latest book added to my ever-growing collection was Howl, Kaddish and Other Poems by Allen Gainsberg. However, I feel as though not everyone is like me and doesn't read quite so much - certainly the average Joe doesn't read books on such a vast array of subjects - and I think that is a real shame. Books are a true source of information, they can't be altered or adjusted or misinterpreted in any way, instead they hold knowledge and wisdom that is undisturbed and uninterrupted. However, don't see this as me saying "stay indoors, keep your head in a book and don't ever look out of a window". I strongly advocate a balance of books and bucolic backdrops, that way we can have more well-rounded people in this world. Don't be a square in a world that needs circles!

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  1. I am a book hoarder myself, although I probably don't expand my genre of reading as much as I probably should. I don't read much non-fiction.