A Clear Mind Is Key

It's just one of those days where everything seems to be going from bad to worse and the stress level is mounting higher and higher. You know, where the bottom of the barrel isn't actually the bottom?

However, I don't dwell on these things; I disregard the negatives, I toss them to the side. I don’t think we’d be normal humans without stress in our lives, but I find stress a rarity. The only thing that properly and truly stresses me out, as my friends will tell you, is mess. I can't stand messy places and untidy areas, I just feel an urgent need to clean (and no, that is not me offering to come round to your house and tidy it up free of charge).

But why don't I get really ever get stressed? I don't know. Is it that I only have limited human contact? (Eurgh, people). Is it that I often skip down to the forest and indulge in nature and all of its beauty? Or is it just that I turn a blind eye to every problem in my life?

Well I can quite honestly say that going for regular walks really does help a great deal. Literally, that’s it. Stress Busting 101: go for a walk. Now I'm not going to claim to be some sort of life coach with this amazing piece advice, but I bet some people really would benefit from doing it once in a while.

I aim to go on a walk every two to three days, usually for at least one hour. Whilst I'm out, I take lots and lots of pictures of trees and animals and flowers and I stare in wonderment at nature. You can, if you wish, plonk your headphones in and be blissful to the gorgeous world around you.

I went on a walk two days ago and it was absolutely wonderful. The fog has fallen on the autumn leaves which made a cool/creepy backdrop for my woodland walk. Sure, I was freezing cold, had a red nose and I couldn't really feel my hands when I got back but I felt revitalised after. A full hour and a half without checking my messages, emails or any social media. I had been temporarily switched off from the digital world...and I must say, I loved it.

The mind is cleansed of all of its worries and problems suddenly and effortlessly stumble upon solutions.

An hour or two away from screens and stressful environments makes a big big difference, do you agree? Well, either way, it's what works for me and I hope it works for you too - do let me know.

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  1. Absolutely, I thought it was only little old me that saw & felt these things. I am never happier in my life than walking with my camera. I went out this morning at 7, when I checked my watch it was 10:30. Bliss!