Guns, Guns & More Guns

I wrote an article back in October 2015 that seems to be garnering rather a lot of attention recently so I thought I'd clear up a few things.

I do not think that all guns should be rounded up and taken from Americans but I do have a major problem with a person being able to walk into a gun store and come out 7 minutes later with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

This is what happened to Helen Ubiñas who wanted to find out just how quick and easy it was to buy a gun where she lived in the States. $759.99 dollars and 7 minutes later she was able to walk away with a fully-loaded semi-automatic rifle. That's madness! That's the same type of gun that was used to kill 49 people in the Orlando massacre, the same type of gun used to kill 20 children aged 6 and 7 in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. 7 minutes!

Are they looking to rival McDonald's with their speed of service? It's as though they want shootings to become as synonymous with their country as the American flag.

When will the next one be? Who will be the personal pulling the trigger? Whoever it is it will only take them 7 minutes from getting an idea in their head to execution. God bless America!

I'm not saying guns cause problems, I'm saying they make up a significant part of the problem. It is insane to have such open and free access to guns.

I made the point in my last article that some people say that cars are a bigger risk to us all than guns. They suggest that we should ban those too if guns would have to go (it's hard to tell if they're joking or not). But cars help to emphasise the steps that should be taken towards better gun control. Cars were never banned, but driver’s licenses, seatbelts, airbags, etc. are all prerequisites. Besides, a car has much more use that a gun. "Oh, go back and tell your ancestors fighting in the war that", they might argue, "you try taking away the M1 Garand belonging to a scared 17-year-old soldier and replace it with a Ford Mondeo, see how thankful he is then". Well that's just a petulant idea that serves no purpose to anyone.

A little side note here: to argue that you need a gun in order to protect yourself because some other person might have a gun is utterly flawed and unwitting.

Other than that you may choose to argue whatever reason that best matches your politics or agenda. But the truth is that people want their guns because of hatred and fear-mongering.

The world is becoming more divided each day, but people seem to ignorantly assume that fear and hatred must be battled with fear and hatred of their own. It's no wonder the human race will end up wiping itself out.

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