I'm Bored

"Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity" said the American writer and philosopher Robert M. Pirsig. I would agree with this statement as I suffer droughts of creativity and get bored very often. However, I don't mean the kind of bored where I have nothing to do. No no, there is always something for me to do, or rather something that I "should" be doing.

Instead I find myself getting bored of what I am doing very quickly. I like things to happen at a fast pace and to move forward and progress otherwise I will simply turn away and move on to something new. Is there a special name for people like me? I have started and then failed to complete many things due to the fact that I have gotten bored of them midway through because they did not offer me the excitement that I thought they might when they were just an idea. I have started a blog before which I gave up on after about a month because I needed new excitement in my life. That, I vow, shall not happen here (probably).

Half-written novels have been tossed out of the window along with films scripts, paintings, inventions and business ideas. Maybe these are ideas are best kept as exactly that: ideas. When I say "tossed out of the window" I mean that they are stored away somewhere where I will inevitably find them many years later in the middle of a labyrinth of other junk. Instead I prefer spontaneity and basically making things up as a go along. I don't know how far this laissez-faire attitude will get me through life. It's not that I give up easily, it's that I need to do things fast otherwise my mind thinks of something to better occupy it's time.

Maybe it's my brain that's the problem, maybe I need to slow it down somehow. I need to stop it thinking of new ideas before I've finished completing the idea that was thought up before. This has become more of a plea for help rather than a simple blog post. Is anyone else like this or is it just me? I have an "active imagination" as some would call it and now I just need to find a way to retard it (I don't mean like that). Perhaps yoga, perhaps meditation, perhaps just getting on with life the way things are.

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